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Window Tinting

We at LINE-X Southeast Customs of Statesboro understand you love your vehicle. You want it to look nice and stay strong for the long haul. But living here in Southeast Georgia, the sun can do serious damage to your interior (and your left arm). Driving without tinting on your windows does more than just raise your risk of skin cancer, it also wears on your vehicle’s interior. The hot Georgia sun can strip color from your upholstery, remove moisture from your leather, and cause cracking in your dash. Not to mention the pain in the rear caused by hot leather seats!

Why take the risk, when right here in Statesboro you can have MaxPro Window Films  installed by the certified MaxPro window tinting experts at LINE-X Southeast Customs? MaxPro tinting provides UV protection, reduces heat and glare, and provides safety and security for your vehicle. When the temperatures climb into the hundreds, MaxPro automotive window tinting from LINE-X Southeast Customs of Statesboro can ensure that your car won’t feel like a sauna from sitting in the sun.

MaxPro is more than your run-of-the-mill tinting. Featuring an unusually stable dye, a substrate that made for easy application in all kinds of weather, and a window film that wouldn’t peel, bubble, or crack.

MaxPro offers 4 different kinds of window film, so you are free to choose with kind of window film is best for you.

Why Choose Maxpro?

  • Superior shrinkability for expert handling
  • Easy application in all kinds of weather
  • Stable dyes for true color that doesn’t fade
  • Guarantee against fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, demetallization, and delamination
  • 100% American made
  • Produced on the newest and most advanced machines in the United States by the industry’s best and most experienced engineers

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